Tours We Offer
Cabot Trail Reserve a Full day to see breathtaking Scenery in Northern Cape Breton, Travel thru picturesque fishing villages, over Majestic Mountain Ranges, all along be on the look out for Bald Eagles soaring overhead, Moose , Black Bear & Whales which are Common Along This Route. (This tour is approx 9 to 10 hours and can be customized)

Baddeck​​ Nestled along the shores of the Bras D'or Lakes lies the Village of Baddeck which is home to our most famous resident Alexander Graham Bell & his Museum. Baddecks scenic beauty is second to none (except for the Cabot trail)
. You can enjoy your time in baddeck either in the museum itself or you may split your time and stroll thru the village take in a little shopping its up to you.( This tour is 4 hours and can be customized.)

Louisbourg​​ Step back into the year 1744 and stroll thru the streets of the fortress and watch history come alive right in front of your eyes. The streets are a buzz with talk with the impending war with the English. Talk to Noblemen, Soldiers , Servants and get to feel for what the day to day life was like  (This tour is 4 hours and can be customized)


 Highland Village​​ is a living history museum located on the shores of the Bras D'or Lakes and shows the Culture, Heritage and day to day life of the Gaelic Speaking Scot, in the years from 1780 to Present Day. It truly shows a way of life of the Scottish settlers thru its building , songs and culture. (This is a 4 hour tour & it can be customized)

Miners Museum​​ Don a hard hat & a cape before you enter the dark depths of a Cape Breton Coal Miner with a real retired Miner as your guide. Hear stories of hardships, trials and tribulations , family life and fully understand whats its like to work in spaces so small that it hurts to draw a breath. After your underground tour stroll thru the exhibits and thru the miners homes and company store.
(This is a 4 hour tour and can be customized)